Thursday 26 December 2013

Hedgehope Hill Boxing Day

 Clear sharp views and long Shadows
 Cold clear air
 Swirling clouds of mist

 Approaching cloud, does it have our name on it ???
 Summit cairn. 
There were 7 folk on the top!!!!. 
The most folk I have seen on the top all year !!!!

 Harthope Valley
 Long Shadows 
 Looking back To Hedgehope from Dunmoor Hill
Whisp of cloud on top of Hedgehope

From Whitley Bay To Cullercoats

Christmas day 
 From Whitley Bay to Cullercoats
 Cuddy ducks
 Recent Storm damage
Cullercoats Bay

Sunday 24 November 2013

A rare trip to the BIG CITY.

A Local Lad
Big impressive Boat
 A Motley Crew
 Made in Sunderland
 Lovely trees even in London !!!

 Another Motley Crew

 Not bad for a man made view
 From the Royal Obsertatory
 Looking down to the Maritime Museum
 Pesky Critters
 More lovely trees
 Foot tunnel not as good as ours under The Tyne

 Great Crested Grebes mum and 2 young in the West India Dock
 Canary Wharf
 Big Glass buildings

More big glass buildings
Victoria Park
 Pesky Critters

 Victoria Park nice bit of lakeland slate


Sunday 17 November 2013

The Temperance Two

 Just a little bit of rain :(
 Interesting Sheep Fold
 Built by the Pharaohs perhaps :)
 Raining :(
 A little bit wet ! who's idea was this ?
 lashing down :( 
 Wet Sheep :)
Wet grass
 Warm and cosy :)
 :) or :( 
 more wet sheep
Inside the Temperance Inn, hic :) Lovely soup, tea and cake :)