Thursday, 15 September 2016

Loch Crenan

 Sometimes stuff gets in the way and its difficult to get out and about and do the things you want and need to do. 
This has been one of those years.
So with great excitement we actually managed to get away on holiday for a week, the weather was mixed but good and warm.
We kayaked for 5 days which was great but we had sore muscles,  we have hardly been out in the boats this year.
This is our last day it was windy and a bit showery but still a fab day out.
 Head of Loch Cregan we stopped for a little bit of chocolate and some wild blackberries.
 The sun began to shine and the wind picked up, it was manageable a few white caps but nothing to bad.
 Although the photos look like it was flat calm :)

It is a bit like skiing photos, they always looks like you are skiing on a football pitch no matter how steep the piste !
 Anyway it was a great little paddle
 Evening light looking over to Mull

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