Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sound of Shuna to North Lismore, Eileen Ramsay, Castle Stalker and around Shuna island. Seals, eagles and wild life galore.

 The morning was calm, wet and misty. 
We decided to have a coffee at the Castle Stalker craft shop and wait for the rain to ease.
We parked near the wee marina by Shuna Island and set of to Kayak to Lismore Island.

 We stretched our legs at the north tip of Eileen nan Coach

 The water was incredibly calm the temperature began to rise but it remained misty and cloudy.

 Practice selfie

 So perfect and calm
 Shells on Eileen Ramsay
 A wee flower in the bottom left corner I don't know what it is ?

 View North

 Castle Stalker

 West side of Shuna Island.
 We disturbed 2 eagles feeding in a small bay, once in the air they flew around us before returning to the island. 
They were magnificent. 
We think they may have been Sea Eagles.
A stop to stretch the legs and then a very reluctant return to the Van.
A truly fabulous day.

A wee sailing trip out of The Tyne and the first harvest moon of the year.

 Royal Quays Marina

 It was not this calm out at sea with a north easterly blowing up the sea.
Thats why there are not photos taken at sea hahaha :( 
Lovely evening the end to another perfect day.
Harvest Moon shining over the sea. 
St Marys looking across to Whitely Bay.

Lady Margaret's Tower, Lochnell

We noticed the tower from the campsite at North Ledaig many years ago and also from Kayaking around the Rubha Garbh-aird.
We had always thought that one day we would walk up and take a look. 
So one very wet day we set off on foot from the site at North Ledaig.
We Stopped for a coffee at the coffee shop in Benderloch on the way. 
Very nice too.
They told us at the coffee shop the name of the Tower and that we could get a key and climb the tower.
We doubted we would be able to get the key and were happy just to walk up and have a look from out side.

 As we walked through the court yard a guy came out of one of the houses and gave us the key to the tower.

 Walking up to through the woods the rain eased and the views began to open up.

 The imposing door of the tower
 The key is on the step it was massive !!
 Undoing the bolts
 Who's going first ?
 The views are absolutely amazing even in the rain 

 The rain began to clear.

 The long road home. 
We picked blackberries M ate all of his but I saved mine and made some lovely Jam. 
Now every time I have my home made blackberry jam I think of our day out to Lady Margaret's Tower. 

A summer day kayaking around Kerrera


 Evening light
Perfect camper van pudding :)