Saturday, 4 June 2016

Local Hills

 When I was a kid I hated going up Cheviot!. My Mum and Dad would take me kicking and screaming and I am probably showing my age but it was impossible to get close to the Summit cairn. The bog was so bad you could only get to the cairn in the summer of 1976 or in the winter when it was frozen hard !.
 The Summit Cairn is perched on stone platform that is now very eroded as is the Trig point.
 Today was lovely the Cloud berry flowers were just gorgeous and in abundance along with the cotton grass. I just love cotton grass I love to see it moving and swaying in the wind .......
 Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill were very quite today we passed 9 folk in total, feeling very remote. 
Not bad for a Saturday in June

 The Harthope valley was looking green and pleasant and wonderful

Doddingtons at the end of the day in Wooler