Friday, 12 February 2016

I like Hedgehope Hill It is a canny little Hill

 Coming home on the Metro yesterday I caught a quick glimpse of  Cheviot looking snowy and very inviting.
I was straight home to check out the MWIS forecast. 
Day off today for me,  Team Mike was working.
My original thought was a day out on Cheviot.
I was concerned about getting into Langleeford on the frosty and icy road.
Plan B was Ingram Valley and Hedgehope Hill.
So this morning I was up with the extreme lark ( Team M, I am just a Lark) and on my way.
The road in to Ingram was more icy than I expected.
 A little bit more cloud then forecast but very little wind. 
 A hint of blue sky but it didn't come to anything.
Beautiful Frosty cairn
 Summit photo just to prove I was there :) 
 I had planned to walk west from Hedgehope to Comb Fell then along to Coldlaw Cairn and back along Shielcleugh Edge back to Linhope.
Big mistake !!
The snow covered the icy bogs, the icy bogs looked frozen but were not frozen enough to hold any weight.
So loads of effort and not much gain and wet feet !
I turned back and retraced by footsteps back up Hedgehope. 
And still nobody else about.
 Back at the cairn
 Looking west
 Mr fox
 Not sure what this little creature is or was 
Keith do you know ?
 Spring back in Linhope 

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