Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cool,Quiet and Erie in The Forrest today

 The mist came in with some light drizzle
 Still a bit of ice around.
The Mist started to Thicken up a bit and then the proper rain started. Rain was dripping down from my helmet and onto my nose :(

 No views today 

Getting wrapped up and dry back at the car  brrrrrr it was cold and wet :)  

Sunday, 17 January 2016


 Well it snowed....
 And it snowed.....
 And I gate crashed ski school
 Waiting for the 8.15 bus from Galtur to ischgil, we are keen
 And it snowed again....
 A little bit of sun
 Trying hard to shine

 But then it snowed :) 
 And it snowed .....
It was a fantastic holiday loads of lovely snow :)
Covered in snow from sitting on a chair lift in a blizzard haha :)


 Evening light in Galtur after a cold and cloudy day
 View from our hotel balcony
 My favourite run down to the lake stunning views 
Cloud in the valley

 Same view different day
 A busy day skiing in Galtur :) 

Deep powder

stop laughing keith :(