Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Benbecula to Harris

 A very wet and windy day but at least the wind was blowing us in the right direction !

 Coffee stop to dry out !!
 The plan had been to go to Lochmaddy and find some accommodation. Everywhere was booked up. We had heard that the bunk house at Baile was pretty but had rats and fleas so we decided to keep going to Levebrough and find some accommodation there.
 Drying out on the ferry to Leverbrough 
 A bit of a bumpy ferry and the Captain had a couple of attempts to get through the breakwater at Leverbrough before docking ! Exciting stuff for us but just the norm for the crew.
Arriving at Leverbrough we spotted the tent and Kayak of Nick 2015 in 2015 who is Sea kayaking around Scotland raising money for the RNLI and visiting all their stations. He is now somewhere on the North coast of Scotland great effort and good luck to him.
We attempted to find some accommodation, the bunk house was full they had an NTS working party going out to St Kilda the next day. 
All other accommodation was full so we kept on going....
 Beaches on Harris

 Our wild camp
40 mile winds and heavy rain all night the tent stood up well if a little noisy. In the morning  we were soaked from the previous day so we decided to head into Harris and try and find some where to stay and dry out. haha

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