Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Acharacle to Kilchoan Day 11

 A still and slightly damp morning but it was beautiful
 Cycling along the side of Loch Sunart was a little bit more painful than I imagined. Lots of steep ups and then more ups and then more ups !!
 And then I mashed my gears and didn't get my feet out of the clips in time and I was off landing on my right knee !!!!!!! OUTCH and a big purple bruise on me bum !!!!!
 Fantastic views the rain has stopped cloud has lifted a little
A great view looking along the length of Loch Sunart.
 Sore Knee :(
 Down hill at last and a view to Eigg
Ben Hiant from the west and it is raining again :)

We now only had £20 between us and we hoped to get some cash in Kilchoan
Kilchoan needs to get a cash machine and not rely on the Post Office.
We didn't get any cash until the following day in Tobermory !!! 

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