Monday, 4 May 2015

For those who wait the sun does shine .......

 Looking west towards the Cullin
 Heading towards Loch Kishorn
 Kishorn Island
 Heading back

 Time to chill :)
 Coral beaches of the western highlands
Counting shells......

Another rainy April day in The North west Highlands

 Persistent rain with intermittent heavy rain showers and the odd snow shower thrown in 
 All adds up to a fantastic paddle in and around the islands of Plockton
Snowing now :) 

A Rainy day in Loch Duich and still a faboulous day out

 Otter watching 
 That cloud has our name on it :(
 Stopped raining :) 
And then the snow began to fall :)

The perfect spot to sit and contemplate the next adventure

Through the woods and down this little path.....  
and suddenly this perfect veiw ..

Of high mountains and Crystal clear seas