Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cheviot and cold pizza back at the car

 Bright and clear but very windy. 
The sort of wind when you can only open one car door at a time without the contents getting blown into the North Sea !!!!
 Wind is forecast to drop later in the day, almost blown of my feet !!!
 Approaching the top of Cheviot looks calm but dont be fooled !!!!
 Perfect snow for crunching across the plateau 
 Lovely wind blown snow forms
 Sastrugi ….well almost
 Heading for our lunch stop
 Who packed lunch ??!!!!!
 I have this recurring forgetfulness about food for the hill…….
 Today we foraged and found a bar of Green and Blacks and an out of date cliff Bar……….
 Source of the Harthope Burn
 The most memorable time we forgot to pack any food was when we decided to do all 6 Fisherfield Munros in one walk. 
On a memorable 2 week holiday some years ago. 
The first perfect week was on Skye. 
The sun shone every day with light gentle winds. 
We were in The Cullins every day. 
Climbing and Scrabling over Munros.
The second week we hired a cottage in Loch Carron Village.
More perfect weather. 
We did some of the Torridon hills, Beinn Alligan, Liathiach, Beinn Eighe
And some lovely Loch Carron Munros. 
Finally the weather was due to break. 
We hatched a plan to do all The 6 Fisherfield Muros in one days walk while the weather remained good.
We made sandwiches the night before.
 We packed our sacks
An Alpine start.
 We drove from Loch Carron to Dundonell.
We walked into Shenavell in thick mist passing Red deer and Stags grazing by the path, not bothered by a couple of early morning walkers.
We passed Shenavell Bothy as people were waking up.
Crossed the Abhainn Strath na Sealga, 
Up on to Ruadh Stac Beag and along to Ruadh Stac Mor 
Then along to the mighty A Mhaighdean. 
The best hill and view point in the UK!!!!!.
Its at this point we discovered we had left the sandwiches in the fridge back at the cottage !!!!!!!
Scavenging in our sacks we found some chocolate and a packet of crips…….

 Only another 4 Munroes to go !!!!! 
Well you could argue that we were at the furthest point so we might as well continue on our planned route.
We passed a couple of walkers on Sgurr Ban. 
 They enquired about our route.
Then informed us we could not possible hope to do all 6 hills in one day !!!!! 
We didnt tell then we had forgotten our food !!!!
But we did make it and it was one of the most memorable fell days ever !!!!!!
Back at the car eating cold Pizza in the sun :) 

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