Friday, 17 January 2014

Wether Hill, Cushat Law, Bloody Bush Edge.

Setting off from Alwinton watched by some sheep
 Long Shadows
 Wether Hill with cloud on top
 lovely light in the Forrest
 Still bright but cold
 Wether hill trig point, Hedgehope and Cheviot to the north east
 No cloud :)
 Fab views all around !!
 Cheviot and Hedgehope
 Frosty shelter on Cushat Law
 Mess made by motorbikes !!!!
 Deep wide boggy scares made by motorbikes
 And again knee deep in places !!!!!!
 heading up to Bloody Bush Edge
 fading light

 Heading back in to Kidland Forrest

 setting sun 
 But not quite dark enough for a head torch :)
Almost full moon and nearly back to Alwinton

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  1. Amazing skies and colours, looks like it was a great walk.